Five ways FellowshipOne’s online giving can make a big impact

moneyA Church Management System (ChMS) can make a big change to how you work and operate in your church. Not just for staff, but also for the church community, and one of those ways is how individuals can contribute financially to the church.

Recently cloud based ChMS provider FellowshipOne announced via their blog, some changes to the way churches can receive contributions via their online portal. I won’t repeat what they’ve said, you can read about it on their blog (go ahead, go read it, I’ll still be here when you get back). In summary, you can now direct people to a “Give Now” link, without them needing to have an account on your system. I believe this small change alone, can have a significant impact on how churches and ministries can receive and collect finances. The other change that they have introduced, is that the web portal is now finally (in part) mobile friendly. Here are┬áthe 5 ways I believe these two small changes can have a significant impact.

1. Kiosk giving

Many churches have PC or tablet based information kiosks in their foyers. You can now integrate a link on the kiosk for people to give. No logon required

2. Information leaflet

Got a leaflet or info card for a ministry or program that you would like people to give to? Include a link that will take them right there. Use (or similar) to create a simplified link, or use a QR code for mobile giving

3. Platform appeal

Whether it’s a specific appeal, or your general offering, as the offering plates are being passed around your anchor can announce that people can also give online “right now”. At this point you could display the URL or QR code on screen

4. Mobile giving and QR codes

QR codes deserve their own post, but briefly, put QR codes on your printed material, and a big QR code on your video screens for people to scan with their smartphones that will take them directly to the giving page. A good way to create a QR code is to use so that you can track metrics. More info here

5. Public giving

Some of your programs or ministries may have interest to people beyond your church walls. Maybe an appeal for a natural disaster? Create a link on your website for members of the general public to be able to donate

So, what do you think? How do you currently use IT, and how can IT be utilised to help people contribute towards the mission of your church?


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